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Exploring fabric combinations for Diamond Glow

I've been thinking this week about how I go about choosing fabrics for a new quilt pattern.

Diamond Glow was originally made using one of my favourite designer's fabrics - Alison Glass. I love the strong colours and the availability of a variety of values and tones in her Sunprints ranges that meant I could create the 3D effect in this quilt.

Sometimes though, these strong colours can be a bit overpowering, and I've been playing with drawing the quilt up in some different colour combinations. Here's an idea along the same lines, but using some pastel shades from Tula Pink. It really makes such a difference, especially with the light background. These are Tula's Fairy Frost prints, with solids from her Unicorn Poop and Dragons Breath collection. For the top right light triangles I used her Tiny Dots print.

This colourway is still on a rainbow theme, but sometimes you might want to stay in one part of the colour wheel - blue for example.

For this one I changed the pattern up by making the diamonds in just two shades of blue to make them look like a four-patch. Something as simple as this can really change the look of a quilt, I think this would be so fun to make!

If you're a fan of neutrals there are lots of ranges on the market now that can help you indulge. I mocked up this version in Simply Neutrals II from Northcott fabrics.

I love the light and airy version, but I couldn't resist a bit of drama with the same fabric range!

If you're interested in making Diamond Glow, ask for the pattern in your local quilt shop, or you can buy the pdf version from my website here.

For quilters in New Zealand, the printed pattern is available from my shop, Quilters' Lane here. Alternatively you can purchase the pdf pattern in New Zealand Dollars here. At Quilters' Lane we can also help you choose the fabrics to get the effect you want to create. 

BONUS - These blocks can be a bit tricky if you don't have a special ruler like the CGRTMT3 Perfect Rectangle, so to take the pain away I've created some extra instructions to help you cut the pieces with your usual ruler. As I always try to do, I've made the piecing technique really easy with a simple extra step!

You will get this Bonus file when you purchase the pdf from me, but if you buy from a LQS just send me a message with proof of purchase and I'll email you a copy.

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