The Mystery Continues - Part Two

mystery quilt Mar 05, 2016

Hi everyone,

Well it is now March and after a glorious New Zealand summer, autumn is arriving. The tomatoes keep on giving, as does my single zucchini plant - one a day just for me. For us in the southern hemisphere, thoughts are turning to spending the cooler days and nights sewing, while all of you in northern climes are thinking of spring. Whatever the weather, there's always time to make a couple of easy sections for the Mystery Quilt.

I have started making some more of the colourways in my 2016 Mystery. One of these is called 'Pewter and Linen', and uses some gorgeous fabrics designed by Jennifer Sampou, from her Shimmer range.

If you would like to start making my Mystery Quilt, you can download the pattern in my Craftsy store.

This blog contains photos to help those of you who have purchased the pattern or who are making the ready-cut Mystery quilt from my shop, Quilters' Lane

If you are using directional or striped fabric for your Mystery Quilt, take a look at my previous post for how to deal with these fabrics.

Here are my month two sections:

  IMG_2457Here's the beginning part. For some reason, Typepad has rotated this photo, so just turn your head to the side and you will see that it is the same as the instructions!

Maybe someone who is more Typepad savvy than me can tell me how to get my photos round the right way - they were OK before I imported them to here :)





Next, I made my sections with the half square triangles

IMG_2464 IMG_2463

These parts were joined together


And finally, sections B1 and B2 were completed



So now, if I was going to make just a single quilt, I would stop there, but this is going to be a double, so here are the extra sections LB1 to LB4.



And here are my blocks for the Tokyo Garden quilt

IMG_2475   Step double 2

And finally, the Japanese Traditions Quilt

IMG_2519                      IMG_2520

Whatever your choice of colours, I hope you enjoy this month's clue. I can't wait to see your versions on our facebook group at




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