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Quilt Along with our 2016 Mystery

mystery quilt Jan 08, 2016

Welcome to 2016. Have you thought about which projects you will work on this year?


  • Ten monthly parts
  • Single or double size
  • NEW - pattern download on Craftsy

Each year for the past three years I have designed a Mystery Quilt. Until now, the only way you could join in with this was to buy the precut fabrics from my shop, Quilters' Lane. This is a very popular project to do and having the fabrics precut is wonderful, every month you receive a package with all the parts ready to sew!


This photo shows one of the 2015 Mystery Quilts

The Mystery comes as either a single or a double quilt, and you can purchase the precut block of the month here

However for those of you for whom postage from New Zealand might be a little prohibitive, or who are keen to cut your own fabric, I have decided this year to offer the Mystery to you. There will be free quiltalong information here on this blog. The only requirement is that you purchase the pattern each month from my Craftsy store.

Fabric requirements will be released soon, look out for more information to start our adventure!

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