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Playtime in the Park

Today was pretty wet and miserable. Not really a great day for taking my quilt for a walk. I decided that rather than go to the mountains where it would probably be even wetter, I would walk to our local park. It's about a 6km (3-4 miles) round trip, so would give me a good stretch.

To cheer up the grey weather I decided to bring my latest quilt, Playtime.


On the way I saw this beautiful Kowhai tree.

Native New Zealand Kowhai Tree

Kowhai is the Maori work for yellow, and the blossoms let you know that Spring is here.

Kowhai Blossoms

 Where better to take a Playtime quilt than to the park? Here it is, at the amazing kids playground. This was a community project built by the town just before I came to live here. Nearly all the posts have the names of people who contributed.




To make this quilt I used Riley Blake's Wheels 2 range and added some solid colours. On the back is the Wheels2 playmat in canvas, so it's a reversible quilt. Here it is one the only dry surface I could find - in the middle of the bandstand!


Queen Elizabeth II park is a masterpiece of Victorian visionaries. There are so many different elements that make up the whole. The lake is the centrepiece, and plays host to many wildfowl.

Black swan
The Duck family enjoying the rain


There is an island in the middle of the lake, with a mini train that runs around it. No trains today though!


Playtime decided it wanted to sit on the steps to the Flying Fox


If you are interested in making the Playtime quilt/playmat I have the fabric in store and will be releasing the pattern soon.

Have a great week


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