Mothers and Daughters

This weekend we have been launching the 2014 Mystery Quilt at the shop. I have been overwhelmed with the support for this quilt and it's great to know that people from far flung places will be all making the Mystery.

There are still some places left to do the Mystery quilt - you can participate in the shop or by post - we can send the blocks to you if you are not able to get here. These are some of the colourways that are still available:


There's rich autumn tones in Autumn Bounty:

Autumn Bounty Story Board

Sedate greens with a bush theme:

Bushwalk Story Board

Modern and fresh yellows and greys in Spring Fling:


Spring Fling Story Board


Cute lions and monkeys in Jungle Fever:


Jungle Fever Storyboard

(the little 'curl' is representative of the orangey fabric we are using, it hasn't arrived in yet)


Pink as anything elephants taking a shower:


Pink Elephants


Again , one more fabric to add


Cool blue, white and silvers in Winter Frost

Winter Frost Story Board

And finally one for those who love their horses:

Wild Horses Storyboard

If you would like to know more, send me an email or leave a comment below.

One of the great things that has happened is that a lot of mothers are getting their daughters involved. How neat is that? It brings back memories of all the knowledge and skills that have been passed down in my family from mother to daughter, and grandmother to granddaughter. How much we value these family ties and the history and heritage that are maintained through crafts, recipes and sewing. It's lovely that there is such a resurgence in interest in making things by hand. To me it is the making much more than the having that we remember and cherish.




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