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Here we go again - Clue number four of the Mystery

mystery quilt Apr 30, 2016

Hi Everyone

It is so much fun getting feedback on this year's Mystery Quilt as we go along. If you haven't done so, please do join our facebook group and post photos of your quilt.

Here are some of the photos that our lovely Mystery Quilters have shared. From the left, these are from Judy, Gail and Helen. Gail is doing our 1892 Reproduction colourway which features Moda's Collections for a Cause Millbook 1892 fabrics.

12821490_10207436716490374_5763669045661438164_n  12512231_10205828632225989_2812378956449246049_n  11218156_337849576339009_4169222844218312063_n

Isn't it great seeing the different colours that people choose? I can't wait to see the finished quilts - but I will just have to be patient and wait for November!

We are now onto clue number four. Here are the step by step photos for this month's clue. Follow your instructions (either in your Mystery pack or from Craftsy) for detailed information on the steps.


For single and double quilts:

Sections E1 to E4

Make your half square triangle units of 4 and 5

Step 1 (four)

Step 2:

Join the rectangles of 2

Step 2 (four)

Step 3:

Join the longer rectangles of fabric 1

Step 3 (four)

Sections F1 and F2:

Step 1:

Make half square triangle units of 4 and 6

Triangle 4 6 (two)

Step 2:

Join to the squares of 6


Step 3:

Make half square triangle units of 1 and 6


Step 4:

Make half square triangle units of 4 and 6

Triangle 6 4 (two)

Step 5:

Join together


Step 6:

Join step 5 to step 2, and you are done!

F1 and F2


If you are doing a double quilt, here are the pieces you are making :

Extra for doubles     Extra for doubles (four)

Aren't these getting nice and easy now?

I hope you enjoy this month's Mystery clue. See you next time!



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