Sheila's Quilt Party 2024 is open for enrollment!


I am so excited to announce my Quilt Party!

Sheila's Quilt Party is my membership subscription site where you will be joining a community of quilters, all learning and growing as they try out new techniques and make exciting projects.

I want my members to feel like they are coming to class with me, so even though we won't be in the same place, we will be working together to help YOU develop your quilting skills in the way you want to. I love to experiment with different techniques, and try out new ideas. I hope I will inspire you to do the same.

Memberships are quite a new development in the online world, and there are some great benefits to you with this one:

  • LEARN AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. Classes are on video and available to view at any time.
  • GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. Progress through the steps when you are ready.
  • MEET LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. Join the group discussion, share your work and chat to other quilters around the world.
  • ASK QUESTIONS AND GET FEEDBACK. I will host regular live question and answer sessions that will be able to be viewed afterwards, so I will be teaching, not lecturing!
  • GET FREE PATTERNS AND EXTRAS Lots of goodies for my lovely members, some of my patterns will be released only in the membership, plus I will include items like my Colour Theory presentation, Book and Tool Reviews, etc.

Joining my Quilt Party will give you access to all of the courses on the site, a selection of my patterns, a discussion group where you can meet and chat with other members, and regular live question and answer sessions as well as the opportunity to ask questions when you get stuck and get feedback on your work.

At the start, I will be teaching my Patchwork and Quilting Techniques Sampler, the Trendsetters Mystery Quilt that featured in my Quilt Show episode, and Free Motion Quilting Techniques. As time goes on you will get access to more and more classes, patterns and resources as I add them and develop the site.

If you love the idea of a membership that will continue to inspire you, and where you will get to know your fellow quilters, learn and grow in your skills, Click here to make sure you get all the exciting news!

I am working now on my Frequently Asked Questions page, so if you have questions now for me please go ahead and add them in the comments here, or send me an email.



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