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Club Spirit

The last two weeks have been all about catching up. I have been making blocks for the Masterquilters raffle quilt, the block of the month, the retreat and for our 25th anniversary quilt. Belonging to the club is great fun and taking part in all the activities is what it's all about.


The raffle quilt is being made by most of the members creating one or two small snowball blocks each. It's only a little task for each person, but in the end there will be a beautiful quilt to be raffled off at our exhibition next year.

The block of the month is done at every meeting,  all the names of people who have made a block go in the hat and the winner gets to keep all the blocks. The only catch is they have to make a quilt from them by the following year. Again it's lots of fun and is part of what keeps the spirit of the club going.

The third block I made was for our retreat. Every year a number of us go away for the weekend and have a guest tutor, we have so much fun not only sewing (and eating of course!) but the retreat committee puts together a fantastic programme for us, including making us all a little gift, and don't forget dress-up night.Again we all make a block and we have a raffle to see who wins all the blocks, with the quilt to be made by the following year's retreat. This year's theme is 'Going Bush' - so the block is all green and cream with lots of kiwiana fabrics.

Finally, Masterquilters is celebrating 25 years this year, and the guild is having an anniversary dinner and making a celebratory quilt. All the blocks will be silver and black, and each paid up member of the guild will be putting their name on a block. It will be a very special heirloom for the club to keep.

If you are a quilter, but haven't yet joined your local guild, why not go along to a meeting? As you can see, we have lots of activities and it's a great way to make new friends. Quilting is such a unique hobby - it's not just about the sewing  - it's a special bond between like minded people. Go anywhere in the world and meet quilters, and you will have instant friendships.

Shop Hop Quilt

As well as doing the blocks I've been busy trying to get my Shop Hop quilt finished. Thanks Vickye for doing the binding! The quilt is now almost ready, here's a quick look:

Quilters Lane Shop Hop 2013

Over the next few weeks we will be displaying all of the Shop Hop quilts at each of the shops, so do go to your local shop to see them. More information will be posted on the Shop Hop blog  at also the facebook page ( Again this is one of those great social aspects of quilting - you get to go on a road trip around five lovely quilt shops and be in to win prizes, as well as making the quilt of your choice. Why not get a group of friends together and plan to take part this year?


More One Fabric quilts

I've also been lucky to have customers coming into the shop over the last few weeks with their completed quilt tops from the One Fabric Wonder class. They are so stunning I have to share a couple of them with you.

This is Sue D's

2013-08-08 13.35.05

And here is Sue K's

2013-08-06 16.30.13

Aren't they amazing? I love the 3D cubes in this one. It's so hard to believe these quilts are made from just one fabric.

Well time now to go and start thinking about another Masterquilters project- my 12 by 12 quilt on the theme of Spring - hand dying and painting fabric is the plan this time.

Keep happy and have fun quilting



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