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Catching Up

Today is a day of catching up in all senses of the phrase. The world seems to have been spinning a little faster lately!

I have been going through the few photos I have had time to take to get up to date on what's going on with my quilting, as well as in classes.

The other week we started a class in hand piecing. It has launched a number of us on an exciting journey, which I started half-heartedly as a way of having stitching to take with me when I travel, and I am now thrilled to be on the journey with others, and not necessarily worried about reaching the destination! I am talking about the Dear Jane (tm) quilt. So far I have completed these blocks:

Dear Jane Progress Sept 2013

This is a picture of the quilt in its entirety:

Dear jane


This is the quilt made by Jane Stickle and completed in 1863 - this year is the 150th year of its completion. The blocks were all documented by Brenda Papadakis in her book, Dear Jane, and now there are hundreds of 'Dear Jane' addicts around the world. Our little group has just started, and we hand pieced the block called 'Uncle Homer' - a simple nine patch block, as a starter. Next month we will do a couple of the easy curved blocks. There are so many different techniques you can use to create these lovely little blocks so it's a fun Sunday morning with no clatter of sewing machines. We have the Dear Jane book, software (for you geeks) and tool available if you would like to join us, and we can fit a few more in the class (next class is on Sunday October 6th).

Christmas is rearing its head, and I was very happy that I could get more of the Stof house panels to make this advent calendar:

I 0000389_advent-calendar-house-brown-door

There are also three other panels in the shop. They make a very easy project that is achievable in a day or weekend,


We have also been seeing some beautiful quilts from our customers lately. I did n;t get to take photos of all of them, but here is Rita's GORGEOUS Garden Party (from Kathy Doughty's book). All in browns,and oranges, it looks lovely and the photo doesn't do it justice:



2013-08-29 13.30.17

Look at the great fabric combinations, and the way she has combined hand and freemotion quilting to make her beautiful Garden:

2013-08-29 13.31.22

2013-08-29 13.31.38


Susan brought in her Lorax quilt, made from the panel- she's also done a similar quilt with the new Green Eggs and Ham panel


2013-09-19 15.58.30


And both the beginners and intermediate classes have been busy creating - I only have a beginners photo to show you for now:

2013-09-16 15.01.43

These are Erica's lovely fabrics.


And in the meantime we have been continuing to send out Mystery quilt blocks, as well as taking registrations for the Shop Hop. If you haven't registered yet don't delay, the deadline is the end of next week.


Happy stitching and I will leave you with one more photo of another hand project I am doing:

2013-08-06 10.55.51



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