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Every year since 2013 I have designed at least one Mystery Quilt, and this year is no exception. Since last year, as well as my traditionally pieced Mysteries, I have a special Mystery pattern that includes my triangle piecing techniques. I call these Mysteries 'Trendsetters', and they are quite different from anything you will find in other Mystery quilts. You will be using my Creative Grids Half Sixty ruler and the CGRT60 ruler, and learning my triangle patchwork techniques, with lessons, hints and tips included along the way.

Here's Alex Anderson and I in my Quilt Show episode last year, in front of last year's Trendsetters Mystery.

Filming was done in August, and because the Big Reveal isn't until November, we had to ban the audience from photographing the quilt!

This year I am making my sample quilt from Alison Glass fabrics. I love saturated colours, but you could choose any fabric from your stash or go out and find a beautiful range to pick from. I have designed this pattern to work with any type of fabric including traditional like French General or modern fabrics such as Zen Chic, it's completely up to you.


There are three sizes included in the pattern - Twin, Queen and King. Details can be downloaded below before you decide to enroll.

When you sign up for the Trendsetters Mystery you will gain access to the exclusive Trendsetters Facebook group so that you can share your progress with other Trendsetters from around the world. This group is restricted to those who purchase the pattern.

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