A weekend in Ashburton

This year we have been to a lot of craft fairs and quilt exhibitions with the shop. Packing everything up and travelling all over the place is fun but very time consuming, and it uses up a lot of energy. So it was wonderful to spend a weekend at the Symposium in Ashburton as a tutor instead of being a merchant.

My hosts for the Braided Ribbons symposium were fabulous. Alison Bufton who was my hostess picked me up at the airport, drove me to the hotel and wherever I needed to go and generally looked after me all weekend. Paula Lawrence was a great organiser and the committee can be congratulated on a fantastic event all round.

Saturday saw my very first Symposium teaching engagement. Being a teacher in a previous life and teaching a lot in the shop I hadn't been getting too nervous, but when the moment came I was a little anxious and hoped I had remembered everything on the needs list and that my students would enjoy their day.

Twelve lovely ladies appeared in the classroom and we began preparing our hoops for 'Big Stitch' quilting. I mustn't forget also our angel Lynleigh who was on hand to help.

The rocking stitch takes quite a bit of practice but evertually everyone found their stride. Marilyn completed her straight line practice and then started getting creative with circles

Marilyn circles


By the end of the day each of these circles was filled in with a different pattern to create a stunning look.



Sue was over the moon to finally be able to achieve her hand quilting stitch!




Here is Kerri working on her fern stencil design

All in all a really fun and social day with a lovely group of ladies

Big Stitch Ashburton 2014 Group photo

Did you notice Flat Stanley on my quilt hoop? He is travelling the world for a lovely little girl called Sarah (my 'step' grand daughter) and will be going back to the USA very soon, so had to have his photo taken!

It was a great weekend away and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my class. I am really looking forward to teaching at the Palmerston North symposium, where I will be doing the Big Stitch class again as well as three other classes. Look forward to seeing you there!



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