A walk - and some triangles!

The #totallytrianglequiltalong has started! It is so much fun to see the blocks that are being made. I hope you will join in. This is my first block, the Triangle Nine Patch.


You can see other blocks in the triangle quilters facebook group - anyone can join even if you just want to take a look for now. You can also see them on Instagram.

I will be posting more blocks on here as well as some tips for sewing with triangles as we get further into the quiltalong.

It can be a bit scary trying something new, but everyone who has tried these blocks seems to get into them really quickly and enjoy making them. You can get the pattern from Quilters' Lane, or from my Craftsy store. Why not have a go?

Though you may feel a bit like I did when I got back into going for walks in the bush last year, and was faced with walking across this swingbridge for the first time....



....just take a deep breath, be brave, and you never know what fun is to be had on the other side.

Swingbridge lonestar

Here's my Lonestar quilt sitting on the other end of the bridge. This track takes you through the beautiful Atiwhakatu valley. After the swingbridge there is a place where you can sit and dangle your feet in the clear water, and take a drink from the stream.

Atiwhakatu stream

I found the perfect place to take a photo of the quilt

Lonestar fern

Later on I reached the Atiwhakatu Hut. Our Department of Conservation builds and maintains these huts in the back country, along with various groups such as our local tramping club. For a small fee, you can stay in the bunk rooms. Mattresses are provided but you have to take all your own bedding , cooking supplies and food.


Lonestar bunk

I think Lonestar wanted to stay, but I needed to get back to do some sewing!




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