2016 Puzzle Mystery Month One

mystery quilt Feb 05, 2016

Hello from a very sunny and hot New Zealand summer,

Yes it's here, time to start this year's Mystery Quilt!

There are two ways of doing this quilt; you may have signed up for our precut Mystery quilt packs, or you may be purchasing the clues from my Craftsy Store. These clues contain all the cutting and sewing instructions month by month. There are ten clues in total so our Mystery will conclude in November.

Take a look at my other blog posts to see the fun we have had making my previous Mystery quilts!

This year, I am making the Japanese Traditions colourway for my sample.

Here are my fabrics:

Fabric 1     Fabric 1 66160_1    Fabric 2     Fabric 2 66170_1  

 Fabric 3     Fabric 3 66160_6    Fabric 4     Fabric 4  62500_7 

Fabric 5     Fabric 5  67820_9    Fabric 6     Fabric 6 66170 7

Fabric 7     Fabric 7    Fabric 8   Fabric 8

In my fabric requirements I have suggested that you use your fabric 5 as a border. This keeps the instructions and fabric picking easy for you when you don't know what the finished quilt is going to look like! You will notice that in the precut Mysteries I am using all sorts of different fabrics for the borders. For example, in this quilt I am using fabric 4.

First a couple of nice and easy four patches.

             IMG_2089         IMG_2090

Notice the careful labelling - make sure you do this, otherwise you will get confused later!

Now on to the half log cabins

IMG_2080 Starting like this and adding on to the left, then the top




All done, into the bag and ready for next month!


It's a good idea to put these into a bag and label them month one. When we complete the quilt top later you will be able to find the pieces easily.

I would love to see photos of your blocks. Do share them on our group facebook page.

Here's a photo of another colourway, this one is called Tokyo Gardens.

Tokyo Garden One

Have a great month and see you next time








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