2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Three

mystery quilt Apr 02, 2016

Here are the photos to go with the instructions for Clue Three of this year's Mystery Quilt.

You will need to have the pattern, either from your precut pack, or download Clue 3 from my Craftsy store.

I have been working on the Pewter and Linen quilt again, as this is the one of my colourways that has the most directional fabrics, so you can see which direction the stripes go if you have any.

Here's the first part, making C1 to C4

C1 step 1

Then a simple step to complete the section:

C1 to C4

I like to chain piece to make my sewing quicker - here's an action shot!

Sewing C1 to C4

If you haven't done chain piecing before, do give it a try. You just follow one piece of sewing right in front of the next, and clip the thread when you are done. Use a scrap piece as a leader/ender and you will save a lot of thread, as well as stopping your machine from pushing the fabric down and getting all tangled up.

Right, that's C1 to C4 made, now onto D1 and D2

D1 step 1

D1 step 2

D1 step 3

D1 step 4


D1 and D2


That's my single quilt pieces made, now onto the extra parts I need for my double:



Well those were easy, just like last month but with different fabric.

Now for the last two sections:

LB1B step 0

If you get your Mystery Quilt as a precut kit, you can see that the die cut triangles have their corners cut off. This is really handy for getting the next piece lined up correctly:


Look in the bottom right hand corner of the photo above - see how the cut off corner of my small triangle lines up with the larger triangle. This will make everything look beautiful when it's sewn:

LB1B step 2

Now to add the final triangle:


This is LB1B

And my other section, LB1T:



 Until next time!



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