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2016 Puzzle Mystery - All is Revealed!

mystery quilt Nov 05, 2016

Hi there! What an exciting day - it's the Big Reveal of my 2016 Puzzle Mystery Quilt.

If you have been quilting along, this blog post contains photos of putting the quilt together. You will need the month ten instructions - either from your Mystery pack or by downloading from my Craftsy store.

If you are new to this quilt, the clues are all available on Craftsy. Start by downloading the free information which will tell you about the quilt and how much fabric you need.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the quilts.  My samples are in two of the colourways that we offered through the shop. We had fourteen different colourways altogether, and I will show you some photos of other colourways after the reveal day.

The single quilt is shown here in the Tokyo Garden colourway.

Mystery 2016 Tokyo Garden

And here is the double in the Pewter and Linen colourway

 Mystery 2016 Pewter and Linen Double

Did you guess the layout?

So now it is time to show you how to put all the pieces together:

Here are the photos that follow the instructions you will get.

Step One

D1/K1     D1 k1


B1 / D1/ K1

B1 d1 k1

Step Two


M1 f1


AA1 H1


F1 M1 AA1 H1

Step Three

Centre Section top half

Centre Section bottom half

Centre Section completeThat's the centre section completed!


Step Four : E1/L1

E1 L1


E1 L1 C1

Step Five: G1/I1: - oops my label slipped, thank goodness for Paint,  I fixed it up on the photo!

G1 I1


G1 I1 J1

Step Six

Step Six

Step Six 2

Step Seven

Step Seven 1

Step Seven 2

Step Eight

Step Eight


So here is the main part of your quilt top complete! Follow the written instructions to add your borders.

I hope you have enjoyed this year's Mystery quilt




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